Контролер MQCON SVMC72150 48-72V для BLDCM 150A

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    General Spec .:

    1 . power supply: 48V, 60V ,72V battery , MAX DC current:150A , Max phase current:350A
    2 . Product Size: 249x146x62mm
    3 . Net Weight:2.2 kgs
    4 . Testing way: Hall sensor
    5 . Phone App or computer software can communicate with the controller to modify parameters

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    MQCON(Sabvoton) SVMC programable sine-wave motor cotroller works with high efficiency, less nosie, and lower e comsuption, which makes your electric vehicles or electric motorcycles more comfortable and easier to control. Our friendly interface of the programmable motor controller makes you set the parameters, conduct the tests and abtain diagnostic info easily and quickly.

    1 . FOC-180
    ?sinusoidal drive controller applied to BLDCM or PMSM..
    2 . It takes only 3 minutes for the motor to be well matched on its best electronic angle at the first time.
    3 . The motor torque ripple will be reduced to the minimum, so as to ensure electric vehicle to run without any noise vibration, smoothly, and comfortably.

    4 . The precise current ring can provide accurate torque input to meet the requirement 0f large torque output during starting and climbing.
    5 . The controller enjoys high efficiency due to space vector converter control algorithm which can effectively reduc temperature rise of controller and extend battery life mileage

    6 . Built-in various protection: locked-rotor protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-temperatur protection, speed protection, over-voltage protection ,under-voltage protection and so on, effectively ensuring the s electronic control system and vehicle.
    7 . System status and fault intelligent management system can effectively monitor the current system operating mod input state ,the case of system failure, and the LED flashes at the same time to facilitate the diagnosis and maintena 8 . The rich peripheral interfaces: reverse, cruise, anti-theft, electronic brake, etc.

    9 . Parameter modifications and settings are available through online configuration with online computer 10 . CAN BUS is optional to communicate with body instrument and BMS

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    Контролер MQCON SVMC72150 48-72V для BLDCM (max DC 150A, max Phase 350A)
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    Контролер MQCON SVMC72150 48-72V для BLDCM 150A
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